Manav Rachna Sports Science Center

Manav Rachna Sports Science Centre has a variety of expert health professionals and academics with three decades of industry experience. Our team consists of academics and applied sports rehabilitators, physiotherapists, sports physiologists, sports nutritionists and allied health professionals who have worked at the top level in a variety of professional and Olympic sports including shooting, badminton, athletics, wrestling, boxing, rugby, football and a variety of other sports. Without exception a wealth of knowledge in the areas of high performance, sports science, sports medicine, sports injuries and sports coaching has been established. We also provide lifestyle management, fitness training and health and well-being support for all types of individuals The Centre is associated with a number of Olympians including, Ronjan Sodhi, Gagan Narang, Jaspal Rana to mention but a few. These Olympians work directly with our team at Manav Rachna Sports Science Centre to ensure that our strategic plan is perfect for supporting both Olympic standard athletes and junior athletes as they develop from the grassroots level.


Our vision is to create a flagship centre of excellence in India that will provide all the sports science and rehabilitation facilities to support elite level athletes, in professional sport, at the international level, and grass root youth level with the primary goal of enhancing India’s sporting performance and yield of medals at Olympic level.


Our primary objective is to analyse all the needs of the athletes to support and to improve all aspects of their performance with the vertical outcome measure of developing our younger athletes, support our elite athletes and winning more medals at the international level. We have established a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team consisting of sports doctors, physiotherapists, rehabilitation practitioners, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, sport psychologists, sports physiologists and technical coaches to support all the needs of elite, junior and international Olympic athletes.