Physiotherapy and Injury Assessment Techniques compliment the training regimen versus restricting it. At MRSSC physiotherapy works in close collaboration with the fitness experts, sports nutritionist, sports psychologist and biokineticist under the same roof. Education & Advice, Movement & Exercise and Manual Therapy are the basis of Physiotherapy.

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Sport Psychology unit offers the prospective athletes the opportunity to learn and master psychological skills that can be handy during training and competition. Particularly relevant to the psychological support, is the continued monitoring into the effectiveness of interventions to enhance performance. A diverse approach and personalized interventions based on individual’s

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As per individual requirement we design programmes to develop, balance, strength & training, Flexibility, etc. To gain competitive edge our experts use latest technologies to fine-tune the athlete. We engage athletes to stay committed to sustain optimal performance. We engage our athletes towards High-Intensity, Functional Movement,etc.

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Chase your Olympic Dream at MANAV RACHNA

Manav Rachna Sports Science Centre has a variety of expert health professionals and academics with three decades of industry experience. Our team consists of academics and applied sports rehabilitators, physiotherapists, sports physiologists, sports nutritionists and allied health professionals who have worked at the top level in a variety of professional and Olympic sports including shooting, badminton, athletics, wrestling, boxing, rugby, football and a variety of other sports.

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    Its a Wonderful Keep Up The Good Work

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    One of The Most Impressive Sports Science Institut I hve Ever Seen . The Future Has Arrived at Manav Rachna.

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    Pehli baar Aaya, Suna Tha, Par manav Rachna Usse Khi aur Aage Hai Jo Suna.. Education Se Sports se aur Manav Ki Suksham Shaktiya Ko Badane Ka skills Ese Aur bhi Akarshak Bnayega!

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    This was the Most I've Had Getting anything Tested ever. Delighted That You have Set Up This Hi-tech Sports Science Center More Power to You May You Praticipate and Make India Proud.

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    An Incredible Initiative, a Breeding Ground for Excellence. May the Centre Make the Flag of india Fly even Higher.


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